How do I Move to a PEO?

What will I need to provide to obtain a Quote?

Realistically, in order to obtain a PEO quote, you will need to complete an online RFP (application). We request your company census, payroll register, workers compensation declaration page, plan design page of your health benefits, and current invoice of your health insurance.

There will be other questions for you to complete, but all this pertinent information helps us give you an accurate quote that potentially can save you lots of time and money. An EasyPEO team member will then reach out to you to confirm that all of the information is accurate and answer any additional questions you may have.

PEO Quote

Do I really need to give all this information?

Providing the Right Information to Move to a PEO

Short answer: Yes. If EasyPEO does not receive all the information requested, we don’t have the ability to provide you with an accurate quote.

In order to give you the best recommendations at the best pricing, this is required. If obtaining this information is a challenge for you, please contact us so that we can help you gather it.

How does EasyPEO know which PEO’s to work with?

We’ve diligently vetted all of the top PEOs in the space and only work with those that we feel are bringing real value and quality service to EasyPEO’s client base. If a PEO does not meet our standards then they certainly won’t meet yours.

First, we confirm if they have audited financials to ensure that they are in good financial standing and compliant with industry regulations. Next, we check with the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC). If the PEO is certified by ESAC we give the PEO a green light to work on the EasyPEO platform.

If the PEO is not certified, we then meet with the management team of the PEO and conduct annual onsite visits. This allows us to comprehensively understand the organization and how they are operating. Annually, we review how our PEO partners have performed throughout the year.

During the review, we rate our client’s satisfaction with each PEO that we recommended. If the PEO has met our standards during the year then they are considered for removal from the EasyPEO platform. If there have been issues or complaints by our clients that were not rectified, we will reevaluate our relationship with that PEO and, if necessary, remove the PEO from our platform.

Your Support Team

How does EasyPEO know who to request a quote from?

When we meet with the PEO management teams, we ask them to describe their ideal client. This provides us the information needed on our platform to build an algorithm to send the RFP to the appropriate PEO’s based on your needs.

This may vary from the different carriers you prefer. Some of our PEO partners specialize in specific industries. This allows us to reduce the wait time for you to get a quote from us. This helps us to match you with the best PEO solution for your current business needs quickly and cost-effectively.

Choosing the Right PEO

How long will it take to Get/Receive an EasyPEO Quote?

Receiving a PEO Quote

With EasyPEO, our average time to deliver you your PEO recommendations is between three and four business days after we have received your completed application. Prior to EasyPEO, the industry average to receive a single quote was between 1-2 weeks.

To start the process, simply go to our free online quote engine and request your free analysis.


Will EasyPEO Explain and Analyze our quotes?

Absolutely. One of the services we provide at no cost to you is a complete analysis comparing your current costs vs. the actual costs for each of the PEO’s we have recommended. This a review that enables you to examine the costs quickly and easily without having to read hundreds of pages of a proposal from the individual PEO offerings.

You will not have to interpret and navigate multiple PEO proposals. As a result, this will increases your understanding and save hours of your time with an unbiased opinion.

Follow Up Analysis

Will I need to meet with all of the Various PEOs?

Minimizing the Number of Meetings

Luckily, no. One of the best benefits of working with EasyPEO is that you will not have to spend excessive time meeting with individual PEOs. We are able to evaluate which are the best companies that fit your business model.

As a result, you no longer have a need to interview several different companies. However, if you should want to meet we will certainly be able to facilitate that. The choice is always yours. Once you make your final decision you will then want to meet them.

How long will the meetings take?

Generally, the meeting with your finalist should last 30-60 minutes. In that meeting, you will review final pricing and receive instruction on how your portal access will work and how to execute functions necessary on your end to submit information into the PEO’s systems. Any other questions that you may have should be addressed at this meeting.

How long will these meetings take?

How long does it take to implement a PEO?

Implementing the Solution

Typically, the time frame is about 30 days and is usually starts at the beginning of a payroll cycle. During this process, there are multiple steps that need to be completed. These include collecting and verifying the I-9 forms for each employee, onboarding and enrollment meetings and finally the selection of benefits. These can all be time-consuming and your staff may have questions.

How much time will I need to allocate to my employees for open enrollment/setup?

Open enrollment begins immediately after the Enrollment meeting is completed. The PEO partner will set the timeframe for open enrollment. Normally the timeline is 7-10 days to complete the benefits selection.

EasyPEO Timeline

Typically, this is the timeline that you can expect from start to finish when onboarding your company.


From the time you complete your RFP until your firm is fully onboard, it can take between 15 to 30 days. This is significantly faster than the industry standard.

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