Changing PEOs

My Company is Using a PEO. How Do I Know If Our PEO is the Right One?

There are a few things to consider. Are you generally happy with your PEO? Have they delivered on all of their promises to your firm? If so then that is fantastic and you should probably stick with them.

  • However, if you’re like many business owners, you are concerned about receiving the best value out of your PEO.
  • Are your claims being handled properly and in a timely manner?
  • Are your employees happy when they call on customer support?
  • Are their questions being answered to their satisfaction?
  • Are you receiving a lower rate for your part time employees?
  • Do you have a good workers comp rate?
  • Are you receiving all of the services you were promised in the sales proposal?

Consider Making a Change

Essentially, you want to ask yourself, “Has the PEO service lived up to my expectations?”

If the answer is “No” then fill out our online RFP and let us help you find the one that’s right for your company at no cost.

Will EasyPEO conduct a PEO Review for me?

The Value EasyPEO Brings

Yes. EasyPEO offers a FREE and comprehensive review of your current plan. Our goal is that you have the best PEO plan in place for your business. That cannot happen if we don’t compare where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

There is no commitment to get this review and if we find you are with the best provider for your needs you can then rest assured and experience no anxiety related to second guessing. Think of this as a second opinion – one with no agenda. If we find better solutions for you it is then your option to proceed with us if you so desire. There is no commitment on your part to work with us but we like to think that we bring enough value and expertise that you will want to work with us.

We are the only site in the PEO space that is truly objective and does all of this work upfront at no cost and no commitment. Why do we do it? We are confident in our expertise and understanding of the PEO space. We believe that we can help A LOT of companies find better solutions. Those that are already with the best solution may not be forever as needs change and so do PEO offerings.

How Much Will It Cost to Change My PEO?

Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zero. All of EasyPEO services are free of charge to you as our client. EasyPEO is compensated by the PEO providers because the services provided by EasyPEO streamline the evaluation, onboarding and management process; saving the PEOs and our clients valuable time and money.

This compensation from the PEO does not affect your pricing – at all. It does not matter to EasyPEO which PEO you choose; only that you choose the one that best satisfies your firm’s needs.

What does it cost?

The Value EasyPEO Adds

EasyPEO Review

EasyPEO was started for one reason – to evaluate and understand the PEO marketplace. We are your trusted and unbiased advisor. Our only goal is to match our clients with the best solution for their business. PEOs are incentivized to sell product – their product.

It would be impossible for you to get an unbiased recommendation from any of them – and that’s not their fault. They are providing a service, not comparing themselves to their competition. EasyPEO compares all of the best solutions in the space to ensure that you get exactly what you need while keeping you on budget.

How Does EasyPEO Choose a PEO to Work With?

EasyPEO has met with all of the PEO’s we work with. First, we confirm if they have audited financials. We check with the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) to see if the PEO is certified by them. If the PEO is certified by ESAC, we automatically approve the PEO to work on the EasyPEO platform.

Second, If the PEO is not certified, we then meet with the management team of the PEO and conduct annual onsite visits. This allows us to better understand the organization and how they are operating. Annually, we review how our PEO partners have performed with regard to our client-base. During the review, we rate our clients satisfaction with each PEO that we recommend.

If the PEO has not met our standards during the year then they are considered for removal from the EasyPEO platform. If there have been issues or complaints by our clients that were not rectified, we will reevaluate our relationship with that PEO and, if necessary, remove the PEO from our platform.

PEO Team

How Do I Get Started with a PEO?

Getting Set Up on EasyPEO

Getting started is easy. Simply complete the Online Request for Proposal form. The form will highlight what is needed to complete the review. Once you’ve submitted all of the necessary information, you will receive a confirmation communication from EasyPEO. If there are any outstanding items, we will reach out to you directly and finalize the application with you. From there, EasyPEO does the rest.

What Information Do You Need to Get Started with a PEO?

In order to obtain a PEO quote you will need to complete an online RFP (application). There will be other questions for you to complete, but all this pertinent information helps us give you an accurate quote that potentially can save you lots of time and money. The documents you will need for the RFP are:

  • Monthly Benefit Invoice
  • Company census
  • Payroll register
  • Workers compensation Code Report
  • Plan design page of your health benefits
  • Current invoice of your health insurance
  • Open Enrollment Packet
  • Benefits Plan Summary

An EasyPEO team member will then reach out to you to confirm that all of the information is accurate and answer any additional questions you may have.

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How Long Does the PEO Review Process Take?

How Much Time Does It Take?

Typically, the review process will take 7 business days after we have received the necessary information. Once obtained, you will receive an email confirmation that we have begun the process.

After we have gathered all the necessary data, we will analyze our findings and contact you to set an appointment to discuss our recommendations.