Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PEO (Professional employer organization)?

A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is a company that offers co-employment with your company. They handle the administrative aspects of the employee and you handle the management and day-to-day of the workers. The PEO specializes in payroll, workers compensation, health benefits and human resources. Some PEOs have over 500,000 worksite employees. They have substantial purchasing power due to these numbers and they put those numbers to work for you. For more details, please visit our What is a PEO?’ page.

Am I obligated to accept an offer?

No, there is no obligation to move forward with a PEO if you are not happy with the quote. The quote is free for you. We want you to feel comfortable to move forward with us as our client. Moving to a PEO is a big decision and you should be 100% happy with that decision.

What can Easypeo do for me?

EasyPEO is here to help you find the right PEO. Our mission is to save you time and money while helping you maximize your profits, increase productivity, reduce time spent on traditional human resources tasks, reduce time spent on employee liability, and ultimately reduce labor costs. For more details, check out our PEO Overview page.

Can I mail, email, or fax in my peo request?

No, EasyPEO only accepts PEO RFPs through our custom built quote engine. It’s fast, easy to use and painless. Check it out here

What documents do I need to submit a quote?

You’ll need the following documents:

  • Monthly Medical Invoice OR Monthly Benefit Invoice (if you are currently with a PEO)
  • Workers Compensation Deck Page OR Workers Compensation Code Report (if you are currently with a PEO)
  • Company census
  • Payroll register
  • Plan design page of your health benefits
  • Current invoice of your health insurance
  • Open Enrollment Packet
  • Benefits Plan Summary

To get a better idea of what information you’ll need and why, check out our Moving to a PEO page.

Is there a cost to obtain from EasyPEO?

No. There is no cost to use our service. We are paid commissions from the PEO’s on our platform. This allows us to not charge clients for using our service while getting you a professional, unbiased recommendation for choosing a PEO.

Can I negotiate directly with the PEO?

Sure. You may negotiate with any of the 700+ PEO’s in the United State. But that is one of the services we provide for you – for free.

How do i end my relationship with a PEO?

Each PEO has a different process to terminate agreements. Most require written notice be submitted to the PEO within 30-60 days before the termination takes effect.

I've accepted the quote/offer from the peo. what is the next step?

After you enter into an agreement with a PEO, the next step is to begin the enrollment process. EasyPEO can help you with that as well.

What is a PEO set-up fee?

A PEO set up fee is a fee charged to help with the set up costs associated with bringing a company onto their platform. These fees can sometimes be negotiated or waived. However they are necessary for the PEO to cover the cost of their resources when enrolling a new company.

What does the admin fee cover?

The Admin Fee (Administrative Fee) is a monthly fee that is charged to cover the Payroll and HR costs for the PEO. The Fee is charged per employee and is another fee that sometimes could be negotiated with a PEO.

What is a co-employment relationship?

Co-employment is the contractual allocation and sharing of employer responsibilities between a PEO and its client. To learn more click here and review our PEO Basics page.

Do my employees have the option to pick from a list of different health insurance plan options?

Yes, with a Multiple Employer Health plan, the owner of the company has the right to pick different plans. There have been some cases where an employee was able to choose from up to 7 different plans.

What is the Privacy Policy for EasyPEO?

Please review our privacy policy and terms and conditions of use. Your presence on this site is an implied consent that you agree to both of these documents.

My question was not answered here. How can I contact EasyPEO directly?

You may reach out to EasyPEO directly here. One of our trained experts will receive your request and contact you directly with answers to your questions.

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